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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Found Some Old Photos on the Old PC

Getting a new PC recently has caused me to be about the business of moving files from the old computer to the more roomy hard drive on the new laptop. All this work has caused me to uncover some real gems I had forgotten. You know, old photos scanned into digital files so they will fade no more. So I will share just a few here and I know there will be more at another time.

Some of us cousins with roots in the Clanton lineage have been sharing an email list for several years (kindly supplied by one of my sister's sons in law). And we have shared memories and photos and that is how some of these were obtained. This photo has several who are on this list. Believe me, they do not look like this much any longer. I understand this collection was discovered on a bulletin board at a post office in Bentonville, Arkansas. They are (from left to right) top row: Trisha, Dennis, Janie middle row: Stan, JoElla, James. bottom row: Linda, Debbie, Sandra.
They're a bunch...well, they're a bunch only a mother could love.

Next is a picture of some of their parents. This was taken in 1989. Uncles Jesse, Claud and Otis had already passed at this time but a few of the family had gathered and someone captured this photo.
Front Row: Gladys, Bernice, Emalene, Joan, Phyllis. Back Row: Ross (hidden mostly), Ellis, Troy, Calvin.

There will be more pictures an another time. There are plenty more to see - actually, you ain't seen nothin' yet!

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Anonymous said...

I love it! I love old photos! I told my mom there was a cute one of her on here...I'll have to send her the link...Anyway, great job on the blog!