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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All You Need Is A Ball (for a kid)

Maverick (my 8 year old grandson) has many dreams and wants. Many of us have tried to accomodate those desires. Both sets of grandparents, his parents, aunts, uncles; all of us have spoiled him rotten. He truly is appreciative of the toys he owns. Playstation, Gameboy, Leapster, MP3 player, DVD player and TV. He does take care of them and keeps them put up nicely for the most part and plays them from time to time as well.

But his favorite toys? Balls. He likes football, baseball, basketball, soccer. In our living room this morning there are several of these. It drives his granny crazy when he and I pass the football across the room. We use soft nerf footballs and baseballs to play in the house. But the point here is - they had these kind of toys when I was a boy. And today they are still pretty inexpensive toys compared to all the electronics.

If it is true all you ever needed to know you learned in kindergarten, as the popular book touted a few years ago, then here is more proof. A simple ball keeps an 8 year old boy happy.

As for this 51 year old boy? Well, I could use some additional tunes in my IPOD.

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