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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Life In The Fast Lane - Even In The Country

It has been a while since I posted to this Blog - January 1st to be exact. But life has been extremely busy on the pond. Dog ownership, even though I expected it, has been busy. Shianne weighed 71 pounds last week when she visited the vet. The bigger she gets the more the vet charges. I really think this concept might catch on in the new era of healthcare which could encourage some of us to lose weight.

Shianne and I walk twice a day - weather permitting. And when we are not walking we are keeping her out of mischief. She truly is getting better as many late evenings she is content to lay on the floor chewing on a toy and dozing. Now that is what I'm talking about and what I envisioned when I was considering a dog. She is only about 8 months and I know that will come as she matures.

On weekends, and now evenings as the sun is later to set, Shianne and I take a longer walk up to Lake Road. This puts us on the main access road to the three neighborhoods in this community on the pond - Burton Lane. Has a nice peaceful name doesn't it? A few homes are on this avenue - beautiful homes that are set back a bit and on a couple of acres or so. When I moved up here I enjoyed the fact that as you came home from being in the city you can wind down on the drive and emerse yourself in the views of the pond through the trees. I admit that I go 25-35 mph as I go down this 3/4 mile stretch. During the blizzard of Christmas and on early weekend mornings it is a road rarely used and is a quiet walk for Shianne and me and my iPod.

However, I discovered this week as we walked the longer walk out and back to Lake Road that during the week Nascar drivers use Burton Lane for speed trials (I thought this was named for a family up here but it might be named for Jeff Burton). This week on our walks I could hear the roar of engines at the far end of the road as drivers put the pedal to the metal and came roaring past us in an attempt to get to highway 20 in record time. After one care zoomed past us I looked at Shianne and she had a cigarette package stuck to her grill (teeth) that must have been blown there by the draft as the car flew by.

Down at the very end of my street I have a neighbor in a red Suburban who loves speed. He pretty much gets on the gas as soon as he leaves his driveway. As he passes my house the trees lean east and he is becoming a blur. There is a stop sign before you turn onto Burton Lane or he could be at the speed of sound by the time he gets to Lake Road. I used to wave as he passed my house, as I do to all my neighbors. He never waves back and my guess is when you are navigating neighborhood streets at 40 or 50 mph you need both hands on the wheel. Surely he is friendly. However, this week as Maverick and I were on the way to school and work I was passed...in my car...on Burton Lane by the Suburban. As he came around gravel was spewing and flying and he was gone, baby! BOOGITY, BOOGITY, BOOGITY! LET'S GO RACING BOYS!! I can't wait until Honda gets into Nascar to beat those Chevys.

We caught up with him at the stoplight by Mr. Bass convenience store probably because he lapped me at some point in the drive.

When Shianne and I walk we walk facing traffic. I know if we die from a car hitting us it will be that Suburban. This is disappointing as there are so many nicer vehicles up here on the pond.

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