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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beating Back Father Time

A year ago I found Debbie and Maverick browsing websites about dog breeds and puppies. When that continued for quite some time I knew my days were numbered. I began listening more closely as I discovered long ago, from other dogs we have owned, that I end up being the primary caregiver to these creatures. We have no fence here on the pond so I knew once a puppy was acquired I would be spending "quality time" with it in the outdoors.

Over the years Debbie and I have tried various ways to stay fit and many times these have included help from late night infomercials or QVC. We have owned a ski machine which I was never coordinated enough to operate correctly. We tried a pedaling machine which was no fun because we did not have a TV in our room at the time and it got boring staring at a wall. Later, a treadmill was purchased. Again, this machinery require coordination which I lack. The latest piece of equipment we purchased was the Total Gym. This thing has so many ways to pump you up that I knew I was going to look like Chuck Norris in no time. This was about 5 years ago. I like this piece of equipment more than any others because you can lie down on it and take a nap if you are really tired.

This dog thing has worked out so far. We have had our Golden Retriever almost 10 months and this exercise plan is working. To keep her calm when we are in the house it requires to exercise her outdoors. So it gives me incentive to get up and take walks a couple of times a day. This regimen has helped me to drop 25 pounds...finally an exercise program that works and a program where I am held accountable - Shianne lets me know if I forget to get up and get out. The hills here on the pond make for great training walks and are much more scenic than sitting on a machine inside although weather is a challenge.

I did feel like I had more energy until lawn mowing season began this year. I now find that I lack the ability to mow and weed whack my yard all at one time - as I used to do. So I do one job one day and the other on another day. I feel my 53 years on this job.

I think about my dad many times and how, when he was my age, he and I rested while mowing (I was a high schooler when he was about my age) and enjoyed lemonade breaks. Dad did the weed whacking back then while I had the hard job of riding the lawnmower - yeah, it was a rider. What a nice guy dad was!

Well, I refuse to hire someone to do my yard because I am too cheap. But the more I walk up and down my yard on this hill the more I think a riding lawnmower might not be a bad idea.

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