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Friday, January 1, 2010

Bowling On New Years Eve

Maverick, Debbie and I went bowling for New Year's Eve. It was a short trip - through the entry hall and into Maverick's new game room. Over the last few months Debbie emptied the 3rd bedroom of bed and dresser and Amber, Mickey and she painted 3 walls grey and a 4th wall "stadium red." On one wall she put a good-sized "fathead like" bulldog looking as though it is bursting through the wall. One day we will get a couch for this room but in the mean time it houses his toys, games and other stuff.

For Christmas Santa brought our family a Wii. We needed this system because Maverick only had 3 types of video game systems, in all shapes and forms, and that is bad luck as you have to have an even number because Maverick does not like uneven numbers. I suggested we sell or give away one of his 3 then he would have an even number but that did not go far.

Santa though having a Wii would get us moving more. He might have been right. Debbie has already pulled a muscle in her backside and my should could use a rubdown. Maverick seems to be okay so far.

Another Santa's justifications was this would save us money. Going bowling at the Lanes at Coffee Creek in Owasso can take a good chunk from your wallet. Maverick and I bowled 3 games there in the fall and it cost us $30. I did the math last night and our first game of bowling cost us about $500. So it was a good deal.

Math is a great thing. So I began to realize the more games you play, your average cost per game comes down. We played a good 3 or 4 hours and by the the end of the evening we had the average cost per game down to $17.84. I wanted to play again to bring the cost down again but about the time we were about to play again when I realized I could not feel my right arm any longer.


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