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Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 2009

We've had deeper snows on the pond but not in concert with the wind. The wind was howling on Christmas Eve. Santa let the reindeer enjoy some coffee at the IHOP and used a sail and glided over northeastern Oklahoma this year. It was another white Christmas on the pond. We had one our first Christmas here in 2002.

The winds caused snow drifts all around the house and particularly on the north side where our driveway happens to be. If you have been to our place on the pond you know that you drive down from the street into our garage. So, across our front yard and driveway was the perfect place for blowing snow to drift into 2 to 3 foot drifts.

I waited a couple of hours after waking up for the winds (which continued to blow Christmas Day) to blow the snow off the driveway which never happened. How come it can blow on but not blow off? So spent the rest of the day shoveling. When we moved to the pond I invested in a snow shovel. In the previous 17 years of living in Bixby I always just used a flat nosed garden shovel. The snow shovel was a great investment. The shoveling is much easier.

We did not get out but Maverick's mom and dad (Amber and Mickey) and his other grandparents (Jack and Diane) made it up to see us. It was a good Christmas even as different as it was.

It was our puppy's, Shianne Rose, first snow and Christmas. I have posted some pictures and videos on my YouTube and Facebook accounts.

We hope every one's Christmas was magical!

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