Okay its not THE Pond - as some call the ocean. And it is not just A Pond - as in smaller than a lake. It is a lake! I enjoy living on it and spending time on my back porch listening to music, gazing at the lake and pondering.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Morning Sunrise

For the month of August this morning is a picture perfect morning. Cool is the word on the porch this morning and that is not what you would normally say on an August morning in Oklahoma. The past week has been exceptionally nice.

They are building a new home on a lot just behind us and over one. We have height restrictions in our neighborhood covenants and these folks took it to the limit. Stayed within the law but not the spirit. I feel for the folks who own the lot next door to me. They will now have to go up as high as they can to be able to build a balcony to see to the water. The folks who own the lot right behind me have it for sale. They used to be my next door neighbors and bought the lot to preserve the view. We were grateful and now hope whoever buys it will think a little more about the folks behind them. We would hate to lose our view. I would buy the lot but not in my budget. :)

Listening this morning, as I do most Sunday mornings, to gospel songs as I drink my coffee. Right now I am playing Alan Jackson's album, PRECIOUS MEMORIES. I like some of the new praise a worship songs but not all of them. There are no songs which an old geezer like me can harmonize with better than the old hymns. And the words...very moving and succinct. I don't think you can beat them.

Debbie and Maverick will be rising soon...I might have enough time for another cup of coffee before they gather out here with me to watch and listen to the birds.

There are times I wish we lived closer to the city when we have to travel back and forth to the doctor or the like. But mornings and evenings like this past week make me remember why I chose to live here.

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