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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Maverick Loses Another Tooth

It has been awhile since Maverick lost a tooth. He went through that time about 3 years ago where he lost several of his front teeth. But this tooth is one of those pointy, vampire-like teeth just off of the front teeth.

It had been loose for a while but Saturday morning Maverick decided it was too much of a problem and began to wiggle it. It was hanging by "two veins" according to Maverick. So he just bent it one way, then the other, and the pulled! He bled pretty profusely for a while (maybe that is why he thought it was hanging on my veins.

Later in the day Debbie, Maverick and I went into town to a reception in our old neighborhood of Bixby, for some good friends' daughter's recent marriage. Following that we drove over to Broken Arrow to the Bass Pro Shop, ate next door at Los Cabos, and spent an hour at our nephew's and his wife's home seeing our latest great nephew. Maverick had some difficulty with the chips and salty seasoning at dinner because of the freshly missing tooth.

Before bed last night Maverick prepared the following which I photographed for posterity. I checked, just before I typed this blog entry and the fairy left 2 dollars (and the envelope)!

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