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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Maverick Begins Fourth Grade

Where does time go? The new school year began in Skiatook on Thursday. It seems like school starts earlier every year. With the air conditioned schools these days I guess it is not that big of a deal but it just seems like it is still summer. Oh, it is! :)

Fourth Grade in the the Intermediate Elementary School means he is the middle class. Do you remember when elementary school was K through 6th? Now the kids these days change school buildings every 3 year or so. I know, some of you reading this had one school and even one room all through school but you people are OLD! I went to three schools - Elementary, Jr High, and High. In the 70's those names were appropriate as there were many who were.

I have friends who take college classes on-line. Now that is high tech. I work from home about 6 days a month but that is about all I can stand as I need some social interaction. What if they came up with a blend between traditional grade schools and home school? Put you child on the computer and have them do their schooling there. You could eliminate the school bully, any fighting, holding of hands, kissing in the hallways, and people borrowing paper and pencil from you and never paying you back. On his first day back as school Maverick fell on the playground and skinned his knee, back and the palm of his hand. This would be avoided had he just logged on and played a video game on-line with his friends during recess.

Maverick was glad to see his friends this week after the summer break. He has observed the girls are faster this year - he means when they are chasing him on the playground. He is still young because there will come a time when he will slow down and allow them to catch him. But for years Debbie and I will be yelling, "Run, Maverick! Run!"

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Scott said...

Yeah, just give it a few more years and he won't be running away anymore!