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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Deer Hunters Wanted - Perch With a View

Debbie has a flower garden in our back yard where lillies bloom. It is beautiful in the spring as the different colored flowers blossom. And a month ago we paid good money to have flowers and flowering plants placed in the front garden.

A few days ago we began to notice leaves disappearing from the lillies. One day we we noticed the concrete bunny statue that stands in the flower garden was knocked over. We began to suspect rabbits or deer. Then we discovered some evidence in the back yard. Debbie had Maverick get the camera and take a picture of this evidence and then researched it on the Internet. After comparing the droppings of all kinds of animals. (Did you know that kind of research was even available out there?) Soon she found the poop that matched. She knew it was deer and she was ready to go to battle.

Tuesday Debbie and Maverick were in the living room when they looked into the back yard and saw the intruders in broad daylight. This trio brazenly was eating the remains of her lilies. Debbie grabbed the camera to prove to all she was right in determining it was deer eating the plants.


This morning we found that the deer has moved to our front garden and had eaten the leaves of two of our flowering plants! Now the fight was in Debbie's eyes!!

Tonight she stopped at Wal-Mart to prepare magic concoctions to deter future visits from these guys. First ingredient was Irish Spring soap. She melted one bar in hot water and put the water into a spray bottle, shaved one bar, cut the others in half and put halves into knee high hose stockings. Out she went, sprayed the plants, scattered the shavings in the garden, put the halves under plants and tied them to the ornamental trees.

So, the deer have eaten many of our plants and made our gardens less pretty but at least now they sure smell good!

Anyway, if you're a hunter I have a nice perch on my back porch.

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Patricia said...

You seem to have all kinds of unwanted visitors!