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Friday, May 8, 2009

3rd Grade Skiatook Scholastic Awards

Tuesday of this week we had the pleasure of attending the awards ceremony for Skiatook schools. Being a small district - compared to Tulsa, Jenks, Union - they combine all the school grades together. If you have not experienced such a gathering you really are missing something. It is like a high school graduation ceremony on caffiene.

They start with the high school Seniors and work their way down to the Kindergardners. In each grade they call the honor rolls and in high school and middle school you also have the honor society members. This is quite comical because they call the students names and they come up on stage to get their certificate and wait for all the others to join them for a group picture. The poor kids who get up there last barely get on stage before they turn them loose to come down off the stage. And then it is a massive movement back into the audience.

Once you get two or three grades into this exercise the whole auditorium is standing and sitting as people come in and out of their seats flowing to and from the stage. It reminds one of a Billy Graham Crusade with all the people coming down the aisles. When the ceremony was over I even found myself muttering, "Praise the Lord!"

The district is getting so much larger now that it might be expeditious to break the ceremonies down to a couple of the schools at a time. And then, have the kids off stage right in their groups and bring them on, let photos be taken and then shuffle them off stage left. It could go much more nicely.

Our Maverick received the Superintendent Award for his straight A's in the 3rd grade! We are very proud of him!

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Jim said...

Congrats to Maverick!!