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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Shane and Maverick Come to Ballgame

Shane and his son, Maverick, drove out Friday evening to watch one of our Maverick's baseball games. Shane has a very nice camera, tripod and zoom lens thing that allows him to capture some good shots from some distance away. When these guys showed up at the baseball complex Shane looked like he was part of the press corps carrying all the equipment.

Shortly after the game started Shane moved from the stands down the sidelines and around the field to capture some shots. I actually spotted him out behind Center field. He moved around the field taking some really great shots of the 10 year-old and younger Skiatook Bulldogs Baseball team. He moved from the 1st base line all around to the 3rd base line. Shane allowed me to upload the photos from his memory card.

So, here is an action shot Shane captured of our Maverick in play. The Bulldogs lost their 1st game of the season and are tied for 1st place.

After the game Shane and Maverick came out to the pond for a bit. We shared some floats for refreshment. Debbie captured this photo of us guys.

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