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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Yesterday, April 18, 2009 was Debbie's and my wedding anniversary. I am sure Debbie has wondered about that decision for a long time.

When you are 52 years young and been married 23 years every day is just another day in paradise. What I mean is we have learned we don't have to go out and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to celebrate. Throughout our life experiences together we have learned to celebrate and appreciate every day we have. I am lucky to have Debbie and that she has put up with me all these years.

One of Amber's school friends was married last night so we spent our anniversary attending that ceremony and celebration. Jennifer's mother, Marci also is Debbie's good friend who worked at CITGO with her and they have kept in touch since they both took termination packages when CITGO moved south to Houston. What a wonderful celebration! We saw several of Amber's school buddies whom I once coached softball when they were 3rd graders. Now some have children approaching that age!

The reception dinner was held at the Tulsa Historical Society building. The last time I was in this structure it was a personal residence. Twenty-some-odd-years-ago Debbie's friend married the doctor who had lived there for 25 years or so. It was a historical mansion with tennis court, swimming pool and beautiful grounds. Amber even held a birthday party there - her 8th or 9th I think with a whole bunch of girls and one lone boy cousin. So, it was a walk down memory lane. The facade of the of the building has been made over and there has been additions but on the inside you could still see the structure's bones. It was a cool experience.

The food was fabulous. The bride and groom were lovely, the mood was celebratory. A new beginning for a couple who committed themselves to weathering the strains of relationship - good or bad as the minister reminded us.

We picked up Maverick from Shaun and Kristie's house in Broken Arrow. Jackson, their first born, celebrated his 2nd birthday last night. We missed it but are so happy they have moved here recently from Alabama. Shaun will be intricately involved with the new Target Store that is being built at 101st and Memorial in Tulsa. I performed the marriage for them in December of 2oo5. They are expecting their 2nd child in June...I think.

Time marches on. And as we drove home last night after experiencing a new beginning, being a little part of history of a historical site, and in the big middle of a continuing story of a wonderful family tree I realized how blessed I am.


Dusty Chris said...

Congratulations on 23 years. That is an accomplishment. It is amazing how fast time flies.

KsCowboy said...


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 23 years! I bet I have at least one great memory from every year of you guys being awesome relatives, parents and a great couple. Thanks for giving the shout-out to the lone boy cousin (If only I had realized at that age that I was the only boy at an all-girls swimming party)!


Marci said...

It was wonderful to have you and Debbie share in Jennifer and Casey's happiness. Now they will forever share this special day as their anniversary also.