Okay its not THE Pond - as some call the ocean. And it is not just A Pond - as in smaller than a lake. It is a lake! I enjoy living on it and spending time on my back porch listening to music, gazing at the lake and pondering.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Spending the Evening in the Safe Room

About the time the sun set this evening the clouds rolled in, lightening was striking, hail was pounding, rain was falling and thunder rolled across the pond. The local meteorologists had been warning of the change in the weather but I had ignored it thinking that this was fall and not spring. I knew something was going to happen though when I heard Debbie emptying the safe room.

You might remember my safe room and it's importance our family by rereading my blog, Spring Thunderstorms, written earlier this year.

Yes, two or three squall lines moved through tonight and at least two indications of rotation within close proximity of the pond. We made it through it all unscathed, I think. I will check the roof in the morning. Before the storm reached us I was on the porch.

I am posting a little video I took before I joined Debbie and Maverick behind the steel door. I will post it here and in my video section in Facebook.

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KsCowboy said...

fall boomers are rather rare .... but it was a December boomer that got Gary lightening struck back when we were kids .. good video!