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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Maverick's 3rd Grade Class Goes to an Orchard

On a glorious day following a night of storms Maverick's class had an outing to an orchard several miles south of Tulsa. This is an orchard and farm whose primary crop is peaches. Porter is the Peach Capitol of Oklahoma and this orchard is the largest in the state. It does produce other crops in case their peaches do not produce because of late freezes or other problems. They grow apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, corn, and pumpkins of course! They also have some cattle.

Here Maverick and a friend look for their special pumpkin. This was the orchard's last day for hosting schools for the fall. The pumpkin picks were getting a bit thin but it was still a fun time. It takes a while to pick out the very best one!

There was a hay maze to navigate and all kinds of games the kids were able to play after their tour of the farm. This video shows Maverick as he knocks down all the pins at one of the throwing tents.

It really was fun to skip a day of work and spend time outdoors. There is nothing like the wonder of kids as they explore and have fun. And to see the joy on their face brings a smile to yours!

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