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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I Am Joe

I am Joe the Plumber. During the Clinton administration I had a small business. In the two years of operation this small retail and wholesale business grossed between $300,000 to $400,000 a year in sales. I and my employees worked this business 6 days a week. On my day off I still fretted and calculated how I could make the business work. I had poured all my life's savings into establishing it. I was astounded at the amount of money that flowed through my hands each month but never stayed with me. After paying, wages, payroll taxes, inventory, overhead, worker's compensation insurance, garage insurance I did not have enough capital to keep the business afloat. Then, when I have had to work for someone else there have been times in my life I have worked two and three jobs to make ends meet. But I have done it. And you have too.

I am Joe Six-Pack. While I don't literally drink a six-pack on the weekend I am an average guy. I work hard all week and like to relax and enjoy my freedoms on the weekend being able to enjoy many all-American activities. I love my country. I pay my taxes when they are due whether I like it or not. I carry insurances on my home, autos, life in case - God forbid - they are needed in case of unforeseen occurrences. I give to charities because I believe in their missions. I offer my time, effort, and money because that has been the American and Christian way. Joe Six-Pack gives sometimes from his abundance and sometimes even when it is not easy.

I am G.I. Joe. Well, not really. I have never served in the military. But I thank God for those who have sacrificed for me and you. I get teary eyed as I see deployment of our troops and when I see their homecomings. I am awed at these peoples courage and honor. The older I get the more I appreciate them. I do love my country and as fat and out of shape I am I would "gladly stand up and defend her still today" if I had to. That is what makes me G.I. Joe. But because of the real G.I. Joes I am blessed to have never had to.

I am wide awake, this early Election Day, with a gnawing sense that today is an incredibly important day. My first presidential vote was cast for a sitting president who had never been elected to the office before - Gerald Ford. So, it can happen. Americans need to remember that their votes for the the congress and senate is as vital as that of the president.

Never have I sensed such different visions for America as I do in this election. Our forefathers established our republic to escape over taxation and heavy governmental rule. It seems as though this year we are choosing between more government or less government more than ever before.

Get out and vote you all. I have already given my endorsement to McCain and I echo it again here. John McCain gave six words for why we should choose him: Duty Honor Country Reform Prosperity and Peace.

Joe is you and me - the guy working hard to make ends meet and get ahead. One party has ridiculed him for asking honest questions and for not wanting to spread the wealth to those who do not have his drive and determination. The other has offered to stand with him and help him.

God Bless America


KsCowboy said...

Right on cuz!

I too worry where we are headed if the election goes the way the media says it's going.

Buel said...

I'm with you 100%. Well said Robb!!

Patricia said...

Remember, you and I cast votes, but God places the rulers he wants into position.

By the way, Happy Birthday, Joe!

Seems like the whole nation will be partying with you today.

preacherman said...

I am a preacher and I am Joe Daddy! :-) LOL LOL :-)
Just jokin. LOL I thought it would be funny my wife thinks it is stupid. :-)