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Friday, October 17, 2008

Voting for John McCain

In the late summer I wrote a blog concerning some campaign literature I had received from the McCain for President folks. I was a little skeptical at the time because he was not who I voted for in the primary and I was still stinging a bit from that defeat. However in the last few weeks I have been studying the issues and candidates and the choice for the next president has become clear to me. I am choosing John McCain. Here is a short list of reasons why I am voting for John McCain whether you agree or not.

1) The heritage and life story of John McCain is summed up in the slogan of his candidacy: Country First. I consider him a true patriot.

2) He has nothing in a material way from the office of President of the United States of America. His opponent's campaign has already pointed out he has seven homes. He is already wealthy from the hard work of his wife's side of the family's business. At his age he could easily retire to a life of well-deserved leisure. See #1 again.

3) His Pro-Life position. Disregard for human life at its inception only sets the ground for disregard all through its journey. If a human life is causing you discomfort or inconvenience what's wrong with snuffing it out to make your life easier? There is no value for human life at any level. It is no wonder why our prisons are overflowing. We don't need gun control - we need value of human life instilled in our population again.

4) He knows energy independence is vital. Drill in America's land and waters now. Establish alternatives with more nuclear plants, harness the wind, use natural gas. We must take become much more self-sufficient.

5) He promises to keep taxes low even for the wealthy. The wealthy did not become wealthy because they enslaved the rest of us. Most became wealthy because they took risk, worked hard and employ(ed) many in the process. The wealthy create jobs and the need for jobs.

6) He promises less government. He warned of the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac problems in 2006. The government needs out of the mortgage and banking business. I believe he will move us in that direction.

7) Sarah Palin is chosen as VP. What a refreshing change to have a God loving, patriotic and idealistic person from outside the beltway striving to make a change in politics as usual and make the government of, by and for the people!

I am Robb Clanton and I approve this message.


Anonymous said...

Please vote for Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president.

There are a number of good reasons. Clearly McCain has no chance now. He shot his bolt.

Moreover, why vote for McCain? He voted for the bailout, just like Obama. Why not send a message to both parties that it is time to vote on principles.

Only Bob Barr is moral enough and conservative enough to deal with the issue of housing, Wall Street, and the rest of the current mess. He has not taken a cent from Fannie or Freddie or from any of the Wall Street firms that profit from the bailout. And Bob Barr has the support of Rep. Ron Paul, who did so well in the Republican primary debates.

Here’s Bob’s Web site: http://www.bobbarr2008.com/

The Ponderer said...

"Anonymous," a vote for Bob Barr is a throw-away vote. I will read the website in the next day or two but he has no chance in the process.

I am terribly disappointed McCain voted for the bailout but I think he is hearing the voice of the conservatives now.

Jim said...

I'll probably vote for Obama.
I never know for sure till I go to the voting place. :-)
I was a lifelong republican, but left, because the party changed. It is most dramatically demonstrated by the Bush administration. I really should register as independent. I'm in the "middle of the road majority". I believe we have been divided and conquered. There is too much bickering, or worse (from the no compromise crowd). We need to be committed to finding common ground...higher ground.