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Monday, October 13, 2008

Our Mother's Birthday Weekend 2008

We actually pulled off a surprise birthday celebration over the weekend for our mother. We had great cooperation throughout the family in keeping the plans quiet and showing up to be a part of it. And so I want to thank them right from the start. We had folks from the Clanton side of the family tree and from the Alexander side of the family tree. What a great time was had by all! I will try to share a few photos and observations in this post.

As the plans for the weekend began to take shape way early in the summer Trisha was instrumental in wanting to get as many family together as possible. As time grew closer and closer our plans expanded from a Sunday afternoon cake and ice cream gathering to an evening dinner for everyone in celebration of Mother's birthday. Oh, did I mention October 12th is not only Mom's birthday? The 12th is also Trisha's birthday. In the photo, Trisha's explains to our uncle Charles, cousin-in-law Max, and her husband John how she tricked Sandra and me into planning a birthday party for her.

There was in the neighborhood of 50 family members at the Saturday evening dinner. You should really join us in Facebook to see the photos several of us will be posting. Here is a photo of the Clanton first cousins who made it to the celebration. Here is Tim, Jan, Debbie, Rhonda (who also shares 10/12 as a birthdate), Linda, Trisha, Sandra, Robb. Tim and I could barely get a word in with all the cackling going on.

Dennis Swayne and I got to know each other much better this weekend. I had always admired his patience in his marriage knowing Linda as I do. But this weekend I found how resourceful he is! He travels to Tulsa from Arkansas and yet had a RCA cable in his car which enabled us to hook up the DVR to the TV for watching old home movies. I understand he never leaves home without a RCA cable, stick of gum for plugging leaks, and rope for tying people to trees. Hmm..sounds like another Dennis I know. He is a regular "Macgyver." Here he is with Linda. Tim is explaining the joys and wonders of animal husbandry as Shane (Sandra's oldest) and Debbie (my wife) listen in.

This all began as a celebration of mom's 85th birthday so I should include her in a photo. Here is one with the Almands, Clantons, Prestons who, come to think about it, were pretty much the reason of existence for most of the 50 folks gathered for the evening!


KsCowboy said...

I'd have been there if it hadn't been for that Bull sale in Welch ...... but really ... looks like there was just as much "bull" going on there with that many cousins!!

Glad you pulled it off! Great pictures!

preacherman said...

Congratulations on your mothers birthday weekend. I am blessed by you being here with us. I can tell she raised you well. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. Looks like lots of fun. Wonderful pics. You did a great job! Keep up the great job you do with your blog too. I hope you have a fantastic week.

Patricia said...

Well, your comments certainly were a lot of "bull." I would like to say there was no trickery! I can never plan a birthday for mother without my birthday being there also.

And as for you and Tim not being able to get a word in - Ha, ha, ha!!!!! You two are able to talk louder and "faster" than anyone!

Lot's of pics of facebook, and I am sure there will be more to come!

Linda said...

"I had always admired his patience in his marriage knowing Linda as I do" ---

I get that a lot - can't imagine why?