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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama wins kids' picks in Nickelodeon election

The article caught my attention as I read the paper tonight after dinner. You can read all the details here.

The quote I found most interesting was " 'It's important to take note of who won the 'Kids' Vote,' simply because so many kids vote the way their parents will,' said Ellerbee."

My grandson Maverick is an example of how this is not true:
1) I have been a life-long Dallas Cowboy fan. He gives me a hard time when they are behind or lose.
2) I have always been a St. Louis Cardinal fan. He gives me the same grief about the redbirds.
3) He knows I am a McCain-Palin fan. He told me he would vote for Obama.

So number 3 was the last straw. I have sentenced him to the next 2 weeks of FOX NEWS CHANNEL any time the television is on - except when the cowboys play.

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