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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Electrifying Issue

If you have followed this blog long (and I have not been doing this very long compared to some) you will know about my problem with my microwave going out and then my refrigerator. Today I found I had lost another electric item. This time it was a circuit board on my furnace.

I had my heating and air conditioning guy out for the fall check up on the furnace. He found that the electronic ignition (used now to keep from having pilot lights) had gone bad. That got me thinking to back in the winter on a couple of occasions we noticed the furnace was blowing only cold air. At that time I shut off the heater and then restarted it and it worked. Now I know what was happening - the circuit board was failing.

And all this has me connecting the dots on my electrical appliance issues.

Out here on the pond we are in a rural electric cooperative. There are times, even on bright sunny days, where our electricity goes off for a split second and then pops back on. And then back in December we had the ice storm where the electricity popped off for 6 days.

After the December outage our 37-inch TV no longer worked. We took it to a repair shop who said it would be 4 weeks to get repaired but we did get it back after a $150 repair bill. Then, I have already mentioned the microwave, refrigerator and now the furnace. In early 2007 I had to replace my receiver for my surround sound system because it went out. I am now putting this all together.

Tomorrow I am calling the co-op. The call will not particularly be an effort t0 get any reimbursement (that would be nice however). I am just trying to figure out how to keep this from happening again. Especially since I replaced my TV with a flat screen HD TV last January!

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