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Saturday, March 8, 2008

More Old Photos

We cousins who have a heritage from the Clanton lineage have been blessed with GOOD parents. I am particularly proud of my mom and dad. As I have been transferring and organizing my digital photos I ran across the celebration of their 50th anniversary, 1998. This photo was "created" from two separate photos by Bill Roberts, one of my parent's good friends. (I just am trying to make it clear that I did not do it!) He sent me several pictures over the years but I lost his email address through a hard disk crash a couple of years ago. They say there is some truth in comedy so the caption Bill placed on this photo makes it that much more hilarious.

Going back a few more years - 1972 - this looks like a bunch of young folks who were really hip. You can tell by the way we were dressed. Let's see if I can identify from left to right: Trisha, Ron, John, Robb holding Shane, Jerry, Velinda, Linda, Sandra. The picture was taken in Jesse and Gladys' front yard.

Velinda reports they stopped by on their trip to take her for her Freshman year at Florida College. She looks so young! But I have noticed college Freshman look younger and younger every year.

Lastly, a photo of our Clanton grandparents, Otis and Lora, who got this thing going for us.

There will be more pictures later.


Anonymous said...

Wow! My mom looks so wierd in that picture! I had to read the caption to know it was her! At least I recognized my dad!

Robb said...

In that picture? Thanks for writing, Kathy!

Patricia said...

Kathy, I bet you had a hard time recognizing your Uncle Robb!