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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Baseball Season Begins for High School

Skiatook's High School baseball team (Jr Varsity and Varsity) began their season today. Scrimmages past they now move into the games that count. The 1st game was here in town at the diamond on the school campus. They played against Debbie's Alma mater - Nathan Hale (class of '75) in Tulsa. It was a warm and sunny day so Maverick, Debbie and I decided to take in the game. I sunburned the top of my head and only had my hat off for about an hour! It was windy but a good game and a winning experience with the home team Bulldogs defeating the Rangers 8 - 7.

Maverick was VERY interested in going to the game. He watched intently for 3 innings before we needed popcorn, chips and a soda. By the 4th inning he saw one of his baseball teammates, Noah, and went down a couple of rows on the bleachers to sit with him. By the 4th inning both boys had moved from the bleachers to the grassy area.

Yes, it was spring-like weather and John Fogerty's "Centerfield" was blaring from the speakers. It was baseball! What was Maverick doing out on the grassy area? Playing football

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