Okay its not THE Pond - as some call the ocean. And it is not just A Pond - as in smaller than a lake. It is a lake! I enjoy living on it and spending time on my back porch listening to music, gazing at the lake and pondering.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Of Sisters, Parole Officers, and Police Stations

I really have NO first hand experience with police stations or parole officers. And after 51 years of having sisters I certainly don't understand them. But in the last week - since becoming a blogger - sister, parole officer and police station have come up on a few occasions. And they are mentioned together. Allow me to explain, please.

If you check out my sister's comment on my very first post you will see her refer to her friend that she says "claims" to be her parole officer. Now, mind you, I only know what I read. The next day, Susie, leaves a comment on my second post saying she is my sister's parole officer. Then on Sunday Trisha left a note in response to my question on my blog of Friday about a question asked at the donut shop. In that comment she mentions police station.

It does make one ponder and since I am the ponderer I am pondering over my sister. I might have to do something I haven't done in years. It is the right thing for a brother to do...
...I'm tellin' Mom.

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