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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I Love A Bedtime Story

We have read to Maverick most every night since he has lived with us. Many of the books we first read to him were the same ones we read to his mother when she was young. Of course, we have added others and one of my sisters, Sandra, gave us some she had read to her boys and her grandson, Tyler. Because of all the reading, Maverick really does enjoy books. There are times Maverick will fall to sleep in the middle of a reading. Sometimes, the book is so good I finish reading it after he is asleep!

Kids do grow up and learn to read better and better. For a while, we have had him read some to us. A page here and there. He has been reading a page from his devotional book each night since Christmas. And these last few weeks he has had to read chapters at a time for his homework. The last few nights I have had him read them to me for the bedtime story. Tonight he was reading a book of one of his favorite characters, Junie B. Jones. Check out the book series here: http://www.kidsreads.com/series/series-junie.asp If you have 6 to 8-year-old children or grandchildren they will love this spunky girl's adventures.

As Maverick was reading I must have dozed off as I was awakened with an elbow in the side. He needed help in pronouncing a word and seemed to be a little upset that I had fallen asleep. I explained it was not an intended offense - he had actually done that a few times himself - and I never woke him up when that happened. The use of a little guilt trip helped get me off the hook and appease him. He really can read very well for the most part. So I have made an executive decision.

I am going to teach him to use the dictionary so he does not have to wake me up next time.

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