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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ouch, Oh, Aw, Um, Okay Now That Hurts

I took this whole past week off to finally get some things done around the house. After sitting in the house over the winter and attending Maverick's ball practices and games since March there was much to be done.

Monday, Amber and Mickey came over and helped us take out the garden in front of our house and hauled the decorative rock and some of the plants off for us. Okay, Mickey did most of the work but what little I did got the 52 year old muscles wondering what in the world I was doing. A landscaping company was to have been out Thursday but looks like they will not be here until tomorrow to put in our new garden.

Tuesday and Wednesday I focused on the garage. Over the 7 years since we moved to the pond we have accumulated "things" and when other "things" broke or were no longer required they ended up in the garage. It was getting to the point that parking both cars in there was about impossible if you wanted to be able to get OUT of the cars. So, Maverick and I rented a Notnu truck for a couple of days and hauled off two loads of junk to the dump. We also cleared off the plastic Fisher-Price toys that 3 to 6 year olds love to play with outside. Plastics that were sun bleached, softened and no longer useful for play - especially for 9 year olds. Then, I swept and rearranged items that were left in the garage, swept out the winter sand and dirt and got the garage looking goooood!

Thursday I turned my attention to the Living Room carpet. I pulled out the old Bissell carpet and upholstery green machine and shampooed the carpet and some throw rugs we had. Of course, this required moving couches, chairs, ottoman, and end tables all around. Debbie liked this so much I think I have future appointments with other rooms.

Friday I looked out the back window to see that the yard needed mowing and weed whacked and the back porch needed a washing and windows needed windexed. So I spent the day on that chore. But now Debbie can sit on the patio furniture and enjoy the view with me without inspecting for spider and other creepy crawly things.

Saturday Maverick had a noon baseball game and I got a pretty good burn out there! Then he, Debbie and I went to the Tulsa Drillers game which they lost in extended innings and stayed for the fireworks display following the game. We got home, cleaned up and crawled into bed a little after midnight.

I am looking forward to Monday and a chance to sit down and heal these aching muscles and tend to my sunburned legs.

Next vacation I am going some place....any place...to relax.

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Dusty Chris said...

On your next vacation, you can come to DFW and do some things around my house. You can even have a day off to go to Six Flags or a Rangers game.

Man you reminded me of the work I need to get done around my house. Thanks alot!