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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Preparing For a Snowstorm In March

Oklahoma is a funny state for weather. Sunday was short sleeve weather. Monday night up here on the pond Debbie and Maverick were hanging out in the safe room with radio and flashlight. By Wednesday the meteorologists on all the local TV stations were predicting snow on the weekend.

Debbie and Maverick ducked into the local Wal-Mart on Friday afternoon to pick up groceries for the weekend. Debbie wanted me to stop and pick up a few more of the heavier supplies on my way home and some medication that the pharmacist had to prepare for Maverick. As I pulled into the WM parking lot about 5:30 Friday evening it looked like the whole town was having some kind of event there.

As I fought my way through the crowds I thought maybe there was a book signing going on and was looking for someone like, Dave Ramsey, Mike Huckabee, or Max Lucado. Not seeing any of those I grabbed the only cart left (left front wheel was locked up) and headed through the store. Soon I saw exactly why people were in the store - a snowstorm was coming. Apparently they were thinking this storm might keep them marooned at home for a month. Items were flying off the shelves like crazy!

As I took inventory I noticed the "hot" items for a snowstorm:

bread, milk, soda pop, beer, chips, Rotel canned tomatoes and Velveeta cheese.

So, it is evident we do not worry about a balanced diet during times of bad weather.

I picked up some bottled water, and yes, soda, bread and Maverick's Medicine. I waited 20 minutes to check out and came home. We have been holed up all day watching it snow upwards to 10 inches here on the pond.

It is in the 30s and melting even now and tomorrow's high is to be in the 50s so we should see it melt as quickly as it collected. I am pretty sure the billions of calories consumed this weekend will not melt off so quickly.


Heli gunner Tom said...

|My wife had open heart aortic valve surgery yesterday in Kenosha,WI, and she is just starting to crack her eyes open- under heavy meds to keep her still and calm today.
But I did the exact same thing as you did today in buying some expensive meat, soda, smoked liverwurst, oranges and bananas, etc. I know that my dear wife is lonely and hurting, and I am alone 22 miles away with only the dog/ Rottweiler to talk to.
The surgery took 5 1/2 hours and was a success, but very meticulous and complicated/ dangerous. Good surgeons up here-- and I am very thankful to God for my wife's survival.
We should get only 7 inches tonight and it will melt in a few days.

Tom S

Anonymous said...

From: Jim/sameasthem...I could not get blogger to pick up my user name...so...my comment...is...

It was a beautiful snowfall...
I finished off the fire wood. We don't heat with the fireplace, but I like a fire on a cold day anyhow...and you're right, the snow melted as quickly as it came!