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Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Need for Public Servants

The cold outside, family illness keeping me contained in the house this weekend, and watching the news has led me to this latest rant. Bet you hope I go to church next week! :)

In the closing remark in the Declaration of Independence, those who affirmed it with their signatures stated: "And for the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor." This I believe is the true definition of a "public servant." It is to this kernel of love of country that our elected officials have to return. It is to this kernel of love of country that we, the "masters" or "employers" of our "public servants" must insist that they return.

We see this kind of love of country in our armed service men and women who are paid so little for their service for us. So many of them have died for their pledge of service. But all of them have sacrificed time away from their families, a better income, and the safety of their home so that their fellow countrymen will have those very things.

We see this kind of love of country in the millions of citizens who volunteer their time to care for or help fellow countrymen who have suffered loss of job, home, health, and hope. Who sacrifice to help provide blood supplies for fellow countrymen, food, drink and shelter in parts of the country ravaged by natural disaster.

What is the sacrifice our U.S. Congressmen make for us - U.S.? Their 2009 salary is $174,000. How about the President? He makes $400,000 a year. Although we pay for his housing, vacation home in Maryland, transportation, etc., etc., etc. Did you know these people still have a pension program (wonder why they are not too concerned about your 401k?)? Not bad pay for being a "public servant" is it? Add other perks, PACs and programs that benefit them and most of these "servants" die more wealthy than when they entered their life of service.

Are there some sacrifices these guys make? I will concede I have heard some. Some of the congressmen actually room with each other in Washington D.C.. The President does have to work long hours. Uh...others...uh. Maybe you can add some.

We need public servants in Washington D.C. and we need them now! People who will pledge (a binding promise to hold back from themselves) their fortunes, honor and even lives if necessary for their country. It is not a duty to be entered into lightly. Only a few should be able to do it. It should require sacrifice (giving up of self for the sake of others).

All I have been hearing for the last month is that to get us out of this economic mess will require sacrifice. Well, guess what? Most of us have sacrificed: Our 401k and savings values, homes, jobs, and feeling of security. While these "servants" sit with the earlier mentioned benefits and perks that have not been touched. They should not demand sacrifice of us. We should demand it of them. They are in the job that includes it in their job description. The rest of us do it voluntarily every day in addition to our jobs.

If you are not fired up about this you should be!

For those of you following the comments...here is the link I was trying to post! http://www.sacbee.com/capitolandcalifornia/story/1532451.html


KsCowboy said...

We no longer have statesman ..... now we have politicians.

Jim said...

I agree with you. Why do they still have a pension? I didn't know that. They passed laws which discouraged everyone else from it, and surprise it turns out to be the best (but not perfect) route in retirement planning...the "defined benefit plan"...and yes, where is their sacrifice?
They think too highly of themselves, humility is sorely lacking. I'll remember this, Rob, and plan to tell others in the course of my daily work...which touches on this kind of thing often.

The Ponderer said...

Here is an article from the Sacramento Bee. This will stoke the conversation even more! http://www.sacbee.com/capitolandcalifornia/story/1532451.html

The Ponderer said...

Let's try the link again: http://www.sacbee.com/capitolandcalifornia/story/1532451.html

The Ponderer said...

it must be a government plot to keep me from posting this! LOL http://www.sacbee.com/capitolandcalifornia/story/1532451.html

The Ponderer said...

Okay...posted it at the end of my blog. Worked there!

sameasthem said...

Why, oh why don't we see coverage on this kind of thing in the national media?...While they are spot lighting private sector pay, they should bring this up as well. We are getting used by a few wealthy, power hungry individuals...