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Saturday, March 7, 2009

It Is A Small World - Better Watch Yourself

Spring is around the corner and Maverick's baseball team began practicing this week. He has been fitted for and his uniform is ordered. He and I drove into Tulsa this afternoon to pick up socks, cleats, batting helmet, and sliding shorts. This boy is skin and bones so he needs all the padding help he can get on those hip bones.

We feed Maverick well but as soon as he eats he starts moving again - burns off all the calories and a few extra by the time for the next meal. I move after eating too but it is usually to the nearest recliner. Maverick is either shooting baskets in his Nerf basketball goal, pitching a Nerf ball into the couch, or talking me into a wrestling match. This wrestling match is something like an elephant wrestling a mouse. He runs circles around me until I finally just sit on him. He usually gives up before he turns blue.

But...I have gotten away from the subject of this blog.

This morning we had a workday down at the four baseball diamond fields where Maverick's team will be participating in the league. All kinds of painting, repair and maintenance duties to be accomplished that there are spread two or three Saturdays set aside for these duties. At some point I was assigned to help another man walk the chain link fences and use wire to make sure they were not broken down from boys climbing over them to get balls. I did very little of the work as he cut the wire and twisted it in place. All I did was keep it lifted up. I was wearing gloves but he was not. We both work at desks and mending fences is not something we normally do. My hands are sore tonight. I can only imagine the condition of his fingers!

In our discussion I found out Rick went to school in Broken Arrow and that his age was 38. Those two things would also be in a description of my nephew - Shane. So I asked if he might know him. It turned out that he did know him and that Rick and his wife attended the Church of Christ in BA as well where Shane had been a member for most of his life. As a matter of fact, he and his wife drive from Skiatook to that BA church every Sunday still!

I am amazed at how small our world is! What are the chances this would happen? I am convinced this is why our mothers want us to always be on our best behavior! Anyway, I am going to stay in touch with Rick and see if he can share some stories about Shane. I might need a free window tint from Shane someday and a little blackmail might help.


KsCowboy said...

Makes sense to me! I mean, what else is family good for if not to blackmail!

Shane said...

You made me the window tinter I am today,all you have to do is ask...and stay away from Rick!!

The Mom said...

And what is Rick's last name? Anything I should know?