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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Songs are Bookmarks in My Life

If I have a true hobby it would have to be listening to music. I came to love songs and music at an early age. With a rich heritage in the church of Christ where acappella was and is the music of worship choice I learned the beautiful sound of four part harmony. But that style of music also gave the opportunity to listen to the WORDS of the psalms, hymns and spiritual songs. Those words in combination with the rich harmonies touched my heart early and I found comfort, encouragement, strength, reflection and joy in them.

As a young man I continued my musical journey by being in the Tulsa Boys Choir, Glee Club in Jr and Sr High school, and the youth group in our church had opportunity to sing a a county fair or two.

I had a clock radio on the headboard of my bed and loved to listen to it at night and the tuner found AM 1170 - KVOO. And a Country & Western fan was born - today it is just called Country.

I enjoy many genres of music but my primary love is Country music. But whatever the song, I pay particular attention to the WORDS.

I have a friend, Bob Herndon, whose blogs all begin with a play on song titles - a rather clever idea I think! Bob loves music too although his tastes lean toward the oldies.

My iTUNES currently holds 4123 songs which would take 10 days running at 24 hrs a day to play all the way through. Debbie thinks half of the songs are Merle Haggard's (I have seen him perform more than any other artist - 10 times since 1968). She is wrong - a little over 10% - 433 songs - are performed and/or written by him.

I am considering adding a new BLOG dedicated to songs and their words and how those particular songs have touched me and caused me to think. I would list the song, artist and album, and the words. This would allow the reader to download the song from their favorite site if they so desired. This will not be limited only to Country tunes but to all genres.

I'll let you know if and when that BLOG kicks off - it might be fun.

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