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Monday, June 16, 2008

Mom Steals Dad's Day - Blames it on Dad

The cell phone rang early on Friday morning; I always hold my breath when that happens. It was Sandra with news that she was on her way to Hillcrest hospital where Mom had been transported with chest pains. Seems she had WALKED down to the reception desk to let them know she thought she was having a heart attack. One of the ladies at the front desk asked me to remind her that all she has to do is press her button in the room and page them.

It turns out it was a “mild” heart attack (mild if it is yours but serious if it is mine!); the Doctor says it’s cause was likely stress related and the heart can recover from the damage over time. Mom has already pinpointed her point of stress to a Thursday driving incident with Dad at the wheel at the local Wal-Mart. She has already told him his driving days are over as she was taking that chore from now on. I don’t think it matters to him either way. I am glad she made that decision and believe it probably should have been made a while back.

Sandra was with Dad on Friday as they traveled back and forth checking on the tests being conducted on Mom. Later that evening I joined Dad and spent Friday night, Saturday and ½ day Sunday with him. Turned out to be a pretty neat Father’s Day weekend. People at their retirement center said he couldn’t deny that I was his son. It kind of made me wonder if at some time he had tried. They commented on our hairstyles but we understood they were just jealous. We entertained them with the joke, “When men go bald in front they are thinkers. When they go bald in the back they are lovers. When they go bald all over they just think they are lovers.” We were quite the life of the eating times. Oh yeah, they asked about Mom too. We traveled up to see Mom several times during the weekend and she could talk about was getting out of there in time for lunch on Sunday – a special luncheon with special menu for Father’s Day.

Sunday morning at church she called us (I had it on silent) to let us know she was going to be dismissed soon. So, we left a little early and rushed over to get her. An hour and a half later she was released. We got her home in time for the Father’s Day feast so the mission was accomplished.

Happy belated Father’s Day, Dad! You got the best present yesterday! You got your wife - and now a chauffeur - back home!


preacherman said...

Thanks for sharing this post with us all. I hope you had a great fathers day. I enjoy reading your blog.
Keep up the great job brother!
Have a wonderful week.

KsCowboy said...

Glad to hear Aunt Emalene is recovering well. Please keep us posted. Glad she got to go home for the dinner.