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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

School Award Ceremony

Skiatook schools had an awards ceremony tonight. This included grade school through high school. The ceremony was held at the new Activity Center. It was my first time in the new building. Wow! Really nice building! I will perhaps have time to talk about the 5,000 seat facility in another blog.

Tonight’s program began at 6:30. The Superintendent spoke and a member of the educational foundation. They presented teachers of the year for the different schools and then the overall teacher of the year. They presented the four retiring teachers from this year. Then they moved to the kids.

For the high school the presented the honor society, the principal honor roll, the superintendent’s honor roll and some other awards. Then it was the middle school with their awards. Next it was the intermediate school and all of their awards.

By the time the grade school awards were to be presented it was those kids’ bedtime. Maverick rec’d an award for his math and one for physical education. I got two or three pictures of his 2 minutes of fame.

As the other schools portions concluded the people would take their kids and their awards and leave the building. That is rather rude I think. But if it is kosher to leave like that then the school system should turn the order of the ceremony around and let the young ones get home earlier and make their bedtimes. Maverick got into bed an hour later than usual.

Besides all that I missed American Idol and Dancing with the Stars.

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KsCowboy & The Warden said...

You should run for school board!