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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Mowing of the Season

Last Saturday was really a very nice day! The sun was out and the temperatures were warm. I had no excuses left and had to get out and mow the grass. They neighbors have had their lawn guys mow their yards for the last two or three weeks. But I put off the first mowing for as long as possible because I knew that as soon as I started I would have the chore most weeks until early October.

One positive of the day was Maverick has now reached the age I can begin to train him to mow. I tried to train his mother when she was about his age. She made two laps in the back yard and had to take a break. She never stepped into the back yard again. Maverick has some potential. Before he began he asked his granny for a bandana to put around his head like grandpa does. He was looking good! His favorite mower is the reel non-motorized mower. If I can keep that his favorite I can save some gas in the future! Here we are mowing the back yard. I am feeling positive about utilizing him this summer. I just need to figure a way for him to think it is a sport.

Debbie worked outside with us too. She planted some hibiscus plants in some pots on the patio and placed mulch around some crepe myrtles and her lilies that are soon to bloom. She has some plans for our front yard and front flower garden that will involve hard labor and sweat and blood. I am trying to think back on the winter and what I did to make her want to punish me like this. Every year it is something.

So, the mowing has begun and I am already looking for excuses. I am considering mowing every other week this year and blaming it on the price of gasoline. But I better think again or Debbie will have me mowing with Maverick’s favorite mower.


KsCowboy & The Warden said...

Have you considered the child labor laws?

Linda said...

I got to mow when I was growing up. I really liked to mow the front yard, cause I could wave to friends and neighbors (and relatives) who drove by.