Okay its not THE Pond - as some call the ocean. And it is not just A Pond - as in smaller than a lake. It is a lake! I enjoy living on it and spending time on my back porch listening to music, gazing at the lake and pondering.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Perfect Weekend on the Pond

This weekend was a perfect weather weekend on the pond. Saturday found me working in the yard most of the day. I had not trimmed the weeds from the rocks out back for about 3 weeks. Since I knew next weekend was the first holiday weekend of the summer I decided to knock it out this weekend so next weekend would be only a mowing of the yard. The humidity was low and it was a pleasant day to do the outdoor chore.

Sunday afternoon Maverick decided to give another whirl at riding a bike without training wheels. He wanted to practice in the yard because he thought it would be easier if he fell on the grass. Thinking it would be a "Kodak moment" I grabbed the digital camera. I snapped one picture of his attempt on the sloping and uneven back yard then the camera battery died. Then, he and I took to the road and he did really well on the flat surface. It will not be long before he will have this mastered.

2nd half of the spring baseball season begins today. He has a 7:45 game tonight. Rain delayed the start of the 2nd half by about 2 weeks but has given the team opportunity to practice some more and I expect a great finish to the spring season.

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KsCowboy said...

Poor Mavrick! If he turns the wrong direction in your back yard .... he'll have a heck of a ride and end up in the lake!!!