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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Shell Answer Man

Rob Routs, CEO of Shell Oil Products US, appeared with other CEOs of the big oil companies before the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee on Tuesday. Their purpose was to testify on the high price of gasoline and their huge profits. On a sound bite on the news I saw him later and his suggestion to America on how to help prices for gasoline was to drive less because it is all about supply and demand.

Well, I suppose that might work in cities where there are opportunities for mass transit options of bus, train, subways and the like. Out here on the pond there are not those kinds of options. I would ask Mr. Routs what I could do out here but I am afraid of his answer. It would probably be something like, “move closer to work.” That is an option I have considered. But what if I lost that job?

On another note, Rob Routs said his company is making huge profits because they are a huge company.

In short, it seems that “big oil” has no options to help those of us who depend on their product to fuel farm equipment, trucks for getting goods to market, or cars to get around this large country of ours.

The Shell Answer Man has the answer to our energy crisis: Not his problem.

I suspect he left the committee meeting in a chauffeur driven limousine.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Robb. My answer would be what my father-in-law suggested....drop the speed limit back down to 55 mph. This would save millions of gallons of gasoline due to the law of supply and demnd. I wonder why no politician has suggested this????

Big Bob