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Saturday, April 5, 2008

At The Roadhouse Do As The Roadies Do

Last night Maverick had a baseball game at 6:30. The Outlaws won and are now 2-1 in season play. Maverick went 2 for 3 at bat and played left field, right field and an inning at 1st base. I had to meet Debbie and Maverick at the park because of game time and by the end of the game we were all hungry.

We made our way to a place where we had eaten on two other occasions - Logan's Roadhouse. On those occasions we were there at lunch time and right when they opened (11am) and we were one of the first customers with the place mostly to ourselves. By the time we arrived last night it was 8pm and the place was hopping. While we waited to be seated a man offered us a tin bucket of peanuts and we joined all the others waiting for a table in cracking them and throwing the hulls on the floor. The floor looked like the floor of a barn. They were very tasty and Maverick and I ate enough I could have gone on home without eating dinner but Debbie insisted on staying.

When we got inside and to a booth I begin to notice the place was noisy because every time Maverick or Debbie said something I saw their lips move but only heard the clanging of plates and the hum people yelling and talking loudly. Every now and then a young lady would yell something I could not understand and one section of the place would yell, “Yee haw!” We soon figured out it had something to do with a free dinner or someone’s birthday. By the 3rd or 4th time I knew what to do and joined in and yelled with them, "Yee Haw!!" Debbie and Maverick were embarrassed but I found it to be a stress reliever.

When the waitress (Amie) took our order Maverick told her he wanted Macaroni and cheese. When she brought the plates out he had a “roadie” which is a small hamburger. She said that is what he had ordered and she had repeated it to us. I apologized and told her I had only been reading lips for 10 minutes. She brought the correct serving and said something I could not understand as her head was turned and I could not read her lips. Our dinners were very tasty, Debbie had a chicken salad and I had the meatloaf. I will have it for lunch again today because for some reason I filled up quickly. Debbie said it was because of all the peanuts. You think?!

When the tab was presented to me I noticed coffee was 2.09 a cup. I quickly asked for another refill after making sure they were free. She forgot to bring us containers to take our leftovers home. Normally I would just give a friendly wave trying to get her attention but by this time I was in the groove of the place. When I spotted her I cupped my hands over my mouth and said loudly, “Amie!” I think I might try this at the next place we eat as this worked and she came right over.

Debbie was embarrassed by that behavior of mine. But when in Rome…


Patricia said...

Debbie was embarrassed by you? Seems you have said that before. Learning to read lips is a skill you might find you need more and more as you get older, so glad to hear you got some practice!

Linda said...

I really enjoyed this - wish we could have been there to yell with you!
Being an embarrassment to our spouses must run in the Clanton genes....

By the way, there is this music "box" showing your favorites and such, and it is blocking out part of the blog - what can I do to scoot it over?


Patricia said...

I had the same problem with the box blocking part of the blog. Had meant to mention it. PS. I embarrass my kids just as much as my spouse (or more). Hubby is used to it - kids never seem to adjust.