Okay its not THE Pond - as some call the ocean. And it is not just A Pond - as in smaller than a lake. It is a lake! I enjoy living on it and spending time on my back porch listening to music, gazing at the lake and pondering.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Signs of Fall

The calendar ushered in fall on Tuesday and it might have gone unnoticed but Friday I saw several signs in nature confirming the season.

I am spending more time standing in the yard these days - just standing there saying, "Potty....potty...potty," attempting to train our new puppy, Shianne. Friday after coming home to let her out I noticed the Bermuda grass was turning a bit brown as though it was going dormant. This excited me just a bit because I began to realize I might not have to mow more than 2 or three more times.

The next sign I noticed was Shianne chasing dead leaves across the yard. The oaks around the pond are already beginning to drop some of their leaves which is a sure sign of fall.

The last few nights while taking the pup out for her midnight break it has been quite chilly. I'd better find some sweat pants because shorts won't cut it much longer.

Friday evening a flock of geese came flying over the house and across the pond. Shianne noticed the sound and sight first. She ran to the edge of the rocks on the back of the lot sat down and looked up at the honking v-shaped formation flying south.

A bit later, Maverick and I took Shianne for a run and walk then returned to the back yard for a couple of games of pig. We came into the house as darkness was overtaking us. I looked at the clock and it was only just past 7:3o!!

These signs show me that this weekend will require a couple last chores of the season, window cleaning of the back windows and the washing off of the back porch. Another week will make it too cold to get wet!

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