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Sunday, August 30, 2009

2009 Ms Senior Oklahoma Contest

Has it really been a year since my mother participated? Yes, I checked the calendar and it has.

Emalene Clanton was sent once again by her fellow retirement community to participate in the 2009 version of the Ms. Senior Oklahoma contest. There are several divisions of this friendly competition - Independent Living (her division), Assisted Living, Long Term Care, and Adult Day Care.

What a great program! Back in the Green Room participants are treated to sandwiches, chips, deserts, snacks, and drinks all served by great volunteers. You really are treated like stars. Because of that I tried to claim I was a vegetarian and wanted them to get rid of the meats. I stopped rather quickly when they threatened to send me to a long term facility after the program.

There were celebrity judges and escorts as well as the MC from the local media. I had the pleasure to sit my Alan Crone who is a meteorologist at the CBS affiliate in Tulsa. I do watch him in the mornings. But I watch all the local stations in the morning to get each of their forecasts and then average them all together to come to my own opinion as to the weather of the day. As we waited for the curtain to rise towards the end of the program the lady he was escorting commented to a lady next to her, "I sure will be glad when this is over!" He and I both agreed it will be nice to be old enough to speak our mind someday without being politically correct.

Mom was a little disappointed to not win and said she was not going to participate again until she is 95. Now I am not mathematician but I do know her age and I know that means we will be doing this again in 2019. Stay tuned and I will post about it at that time...if I am still here.

Anyway, here is this year's speech by my wonderful mother as taken by my wife Debbie on our digital camera and posted to my YouTube channel! Just follow the link below.


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