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Friday, February 20, 2009

It Will Drive You Batty

Spring is just around the corner. That means several things but on my mind for this post is baseball.

Maverick does pretty good at baseball and has played it since Kindergarten. He has taken a week of camp at the local high school for the last three summers too. He can throw and field as good as any in the outfield and continues to improve as all boys his age who have an interest in the sport.If he needed some special attention in any particular skill it would be in his batting. Because of that I took the effort to find a batting coach to work with him. It is a neat place with all kinds of activity and guys to help coach players of football or baseball. The coaches are former players in college and/or professional. I purchased the package that gave Maverick 8 lessons. Each coaching session was 3o minutes which turned out to give Maverick about 125 to 150 swings.

The facility I chose just happens to be about 35 miles from our place on the pond. The time I chose was 6:30 on Friday evenings. So for 8 weeks in a row, with the last session having been tonight we made our way across Tulsa to his session. Here is how the typical Friday evening has been:

5:00 - rush from work to home to pick Maverick up (23 miles and about 30 minutes). Gobble down a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that Debbie had waiting, load Maverick and equipment into the car.

5:45 - Drive in rush hr traffic across Tulsa to 71st street and Memorial (35 miles and about 45 minutes)

6:3o - 30 minute session (it really has been beneficial for Maverick)

7:00 - load up in the car and head for home (35 miles and 45 minutes)

I moved to the pond 7 years ago to get out of the hustle and bustle of south Tulsa. In the last 8 weeks I have put 800 miles on my car and spent 16 hrs driving for Maverick's 4 hrs of skills training.

Maverick is swinging better but I need a vacation.

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