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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Sixty Year Story

I don't really have the space to tell the whole story of 60 years so don't quit reading yet. This won't be too long. Let's start with the photo below.

Today Trisha and John, Sandra, Debbie, Maverick and I gathered with Mom and Dad for a lunch at Gilcrease Museum's restaurant, the Osage. The restaurant overlooks the Osage hills west of Tulsa.

Sixty years ago on December 12, 1948 Ellis Clanton and Emalene Alexander exchanged vows in a ceremony presided over by her father Robert Alexander. They were blessed with two lovely daughters. And finally they had the apple of their eye, a son (some editorial privilege being taken here). Dad has always said I am the best son he ever had.

In a discussion over lunch I mentioned that they had been married longer than any of us had been alive. Dad said, "I hope so!"

In all seriousness, Trisha, Sandra and I have so much for which be thankful. We could not have asked for better parents if we could have ordered a set. Their home has always been one of happy times and great nurturing. They made a great team being patient and kind and loving the built a wonderful place for growing and learning how to live.



KsCowboy said...

Happy Anniversary! 60 is a milestone reached by only a few very special couples. I've always enjoyed and was blessed by your examples.

Again Happy Anniversary!

Patricia said...

In my eyes you were always a little apple dumpling!

I had fun being with everyone. It was especially fun to see Mom's jaw drop when she was talking with me on the phone and then looked up to see I was at the restaurant also!

Jim said...

Very cool...I like the saying, "you've been married longer than any of us have been alive".
I'm going to use that on my parents sometime. :-)