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Monday, September 1, 2008

In Your Face(book)!

A while back Trisha invited me to join her on Facebook. I declined at the time because with all the on-line accounts I have I felt I really did not need another login to keep up with. The next thing I knew I began to hear about Facebook everywhere. Michael Phelps talked about his Facebook account having thousands of requests to be a "friend." And most recently cable news programs keep talking about how they are checking Facebook and MySpace entries. Finally, I was at Brad's apartment last night for supper and he began telling me about conversing with Trisha, Shane, Mandy, Katherine and others on-line. This left me no choice but to check it out.

It was relatively easy to get an account. I was in very quickly. However, very quickly I was being overwhelmed with emails from Facebook telling me people wanted to be my friend (I knew all these people - I am related to them in one way or another). Before too long people were writing on my "wall" and were even encouraging me to write on theirs! Brad has warned me that I might get "poked" by Trisha - like that will be something new from a sibling.

I have to admit I am curious about this whole Facebook thing. I have already uploaded some photos and a video. I am beginning to see how this might be fun. If you have an account then look for me. If you have not signed up yet, come on and join. It will hook you pretty quickly once you get in.

You may be curious, as am I, why my sister, Trisha, is "sleeping in with 4 people."

Hey - I am only reading the writing on her wall.


KsCowboy said...

Now we are finding out about Trisha ... maybe she lived on the "left coast" a little too long!!!!

KsCowboy said...

And yes it was home made ice cream!!! Out here in the sticks we believe that global warming is just another reason to make more ice cream!!

Patricia said...

I thought that holidays were for "sleeping In!"

Anonymous said...

As Trisha's parole officer, I will need to discuss this matter with her. She has been talking a lot lately about "teaching the younger women". Teaching them WHAT is the operative question.

Anonymous said...

OK, to clear something up a little... I am NOT Trisha's parole officer. I am a member of the church where she is a minister's wife. The distinction between the two (parole officer and member of congregation) gets blurry at times. AND... she has been teaching us MUCH younger women about things like cooking and cleaning the house and being nice to our husbands. The husbands think she's GREAT. And actually, so do I. Susie

The Ponderer said...

Trisha has been teaching about cooking and cleaning the house?!