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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

For years now, early weekend mornings have been MY time. I am an early riser - coming by that honestly from Dad. I can remember, as a teenager, getting up for a glass of water or something at 4-6 am and dad would be in the living room reading. At that time I thought he was a little weird for being up so early. But as I became an adult I found myself with the same tendency. I find these early mornings to be opportunity to read, work on the computer, channel-surf without repercussion from anyone and to sit on the back porch listening to my music while sipping coffee.

When Amber was a teenager I used to give her a hard time about sleeping in until noon. I told her that she did not have to get up as early as me but she did not need to waste a half day sleeping. I even told her one time about the beauty of the early morning and watching the sun rise. And that I wished the people in the house would enjoy that. But she never learned the beauty of the early morning and still sleeps in to noon most days - and she's 29!

Debbie has a different routine when she gets up. I like to "ramp up" to my day with the above mentioned routines. When Debbie gets up, she hits the ground running. She comes into the living room carrying a load of laundry, a dust rag, or items needing to be "put up." She might go straight to making breakfast. But she does not get up until 7 or so on the weekend. Now...don't you get on to me- there are times I make breakfast too.

Maverick is now picking up the habit of early rising. No matter how late I allow him to stay up on Friday night he will still get up at 5 to 6. Then, he wants to watch his cartoons, visit about his dreams from the night, the football game we watched the night before, or even to wrestle me! I try to be polite and friendly and a good grandpa to pay attention. Even as I have been typing this he is patiently waiting so we can throw the nerf football across the room.

I am trying very hard to keep from wishing he would sleep in on weekends.

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KsCowboy said...

I too am an early riser .. coffee taste best before sunrise. The Warden wakes up pretty early also ........ it's just best to NOT talk to her until 8 or 9 if you value living!