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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time, Age, Math and Other Strange Things

I have been unable to sleep tonight and when that happens I think about the oddest things. That is the only explanation for this Blog.

I was born when Dad was 36 and he was 100% older than me. When I turned 36 I remember thinking he was only 50% older than me. When I am 72 he will only be 33% older than me. If we were Noah and Shem I might be able to catch up with him.

Mom called this week. She has won a contest at their retirement community. She is Ms. Broadmoar and will be representing them in September in the Ms Senior Oklahoma Pageant or something like that. She has asked me to be her escort. I eagerly accepted the invitation. As I have had time to think about this and look in the mirror I am realizing I look closer to her contemporary than her son. Perhaps I should join the Hair Club for Men this week to try and delineate a little of our ages.

All this reminds me of the old country song, "I'm My Own Grandpa." Here I am catching up in age to my parents, escorting my Mom to a beauty pageant and worried I will look older than her.

I think I am living a country song. I just need someone to put it to verse and tune.

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KsCowboy said...

ha ha!!! Good one!!! No wonder you can't sleep doing all that math in your head! And tell your mom congrats on the winning the pagent! And goodluck in September!