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Friday, May 16, 2008

A Commercial By Any Other Name...

Thursday I was busily about my morning duties of cleaning up after breakfast, fixing Maverick’s sack lunch, feeding the cat and cleaning his box. Maverick was channel surfing the television.

He landed on a channel where a guy in a chef’s hat was demonstrating the Miracle Blade III knife. He was not only cutting up food but cans, rocks, paper and other things to prove how sharp the knife blade stays after all that abuse. He chopped and sliced and diced. But I was more interested in Maverick’s fascination of the commercial. He was watching very intently. This was strange since his usual choice is cartoons.

After a few minutes I broke the silence:

“Why are you watching that commercial?”

“It is not a commercial.”

“What is it then?”

“Paid programming.”

At least I know Maverick can read the channel guide.

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anks said...

Paid programming... :)

i am new to your space and haven't gone thru much... how old is maverick?