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Friday, April 18, 2008

Twenty-Two Years

Time (as in years) is a funny thing. I can remember a time when I thought being 21 years old would be great because I would be truly “grown up.” (Debbie tells me I am not there yet but if there is to be blog on that – she’ll have to do it!) I also remember attending my 20th high school reunion thinking I would not need to go to another reunion because the people who attended the reunions were getting too old. I have been working for the company that is now Verizon Business for just over 11 years which is a record for me yet seem relatively short compared to my dad’s 30 or so years at Texaco. And as mentioned in an earlier blog it took me 20 years to complete a 4-year college degree.

Debbie and have been married 22 years today. Many who read this post have been married longer but none married any better than me. I actually outdid myself by capturing this bride of mine. I must have put on my best behavior to get her to pay attention to me. And I have been lucky her commitment is so strong as she has certainly has needed to decide to love me on many occasions which will not be mentioned here.

My parents will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary this year (which is a good thing since their oldest offspring will be 59 soon). You can’t measure marriages today by the age of their oldest child. Some of us will have to live to be 100 to be married that long to only one person.

We have been married 22 years or 8,030 days. It seems like only yesterday to me. Debbie tells me the sum of the years of our marriage has biblical proportions because to her 1 day with me is like a 1000 years. If that is the case we have been married 8,030,000 years.

However you calculate it I am the luckiest duck on this or any pond.


Patricia said...

That blog should surely win you some brownie points from your beloved. You earned some negative points from your old sis however! Don't you know you should never tell a woman's age? You can just say (as I do) that Mom and Dad have been married for almost 6 years, and I am much younger than that!

Patricia said...

Oops! Make that - Mom and Dad have been married almost 60 years - on second thought the other does have a nice feel! Guess I should preview before posting.