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Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break and Maverick Gets Up When?!

I am an early riser no matter the day of the week, vacation or work day. So, on our Spring Break week I was looking forward to some time to browse the internet for news and to ponder some the meaning to life.

At 5:30 I heard a voice coming from the proximity of Maverick's bedroom.
"Grandpa, what time is it?"
"5:30. Go back to sleep."
"Tell me when it is 6:00."
"That's when I get up."
"You are on Spring Break. Go back to sleep."

It was quiet...I thought he had obeyed me and gone back to sleep.
"Grandpa, what time is it now?"
"5:35, Maverick, if you are not sleepy just get up."
He did!

We have watched JIMMY NEUTRON, FAIRLY ODD PARENTS, and he is playing THRILLVILLE on his Playstation 2. Luckily, I can watch him play while I work on this laptop.

It is 7:30. I predict he will be "bored" by 8:00. But I have a plan. I have math homework prepared for him to stay "brushed up" on his skills. When I suggest that it will buy me a few more hours.

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