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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Maverick is Batting 1.000

The Oklahoma Outlaws (8 and under team) had their first game last night. We put it on the other team 17 to 0. Of course the team was a team of six-year-olds who were playing for their first year but it was a win so we are celebrating! Last year Maverick’s team won only 2 games all year.

Maverick had 2 at bats. His first hit was a homerun and he had a single his second time up. The second hit was just as good as his first but the coach had begun to hold them up at 1st base to give more guys a chance to hit.

The weather was more like football weather with game time temperature in the upper 50's. Everyone was wrapped up in blankets in the stands and Maverick was in 2 and 3 layers of clothing. But the night was great! We have another game scheduled for Thursday and a tournament this weekend. The season has begun!

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